Inactive PayPal Mixing OTO Kaimiz's 2019 Oto & Mixing Commissions! (Cheap, I promise!)

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    CV oto = $2
    +$0.75 per added pitch
    VCV oto = $6
    +$3 per added pitch
    Song Mix = $1
    +$0.50 per extra UTAUloid
    (I'm open to price negotiations!)

    0:00 - 1:15 are CV oto examples!
    1:15 - 2:30 are VCV oto examples!
    2:30 - 3:30 are duet mixing examples!

    Message me on here, SoundCloud, or my Twitter at UTAKaimiz!
    (Payment through PayPal, but I'm open to alternatives!)

    All Mixing by Me, Kaimiz.

    Ayano's Theory of Happiness
    UST by NeeMiSo
    UTAU Elum Epsilon (CV)

    Melty Land Nightmare
    UST by suzurei
    UTAU Aran (CV, Multi-Pitch)

    UST by wasereru.(Ataraxia on BowlRoll)
    UTAU Alum Alpha (CV)

    UST by UmbrellaGuns
    UTAU Binh Beta (VCV, Multi-Pitch)

    UST by 柊碧華 (Bihua)
    UTAU Aran (VCV, Multi-Pitch)

    AgeAge Again
    UST by YusukeKira
    UTAU Aran (VCV, Multi-Pitch)

    Synchronicity III ~Requiem of the Spinning World~
    UST by ForeverAcinom
    UTAU Binh Beta (VCV, Multi-Pitch) & Alum Alpha (CV)

    So You See, You & Me
    UST by NeeMiSo
    UTAU Poko Io (VCV) & Elum Epsilon (CV)

    Hello Dystopia
    UST by suzurei
    UTAU Poko Io (VCV) & Elum Epsilon (CV)

    Aran, Binh Beta, and Poko Io are my UTAUloids.
    Alum Alpha and Elum Epsilon belong to AlumTsuhei
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