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Hello, my name is Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia, and in this thread you can Ask Me Anything.

I won't lie about who I am or what I do, nor will I exaggerate the truth to impress you. I'm a 17 year old Filipino who has grown up in the United States and Singapore, and currently lives in the Philippines. (I'm not a 22 year old Japanese elementary school teacher.) I'll soon start my senior year of high school, and I'm looking to go into a BS in computer science.

I have been using UTAU since autumn of 2011 and been producing original vocalsynth music since the end of 2013. Some of my music has been released via Vocallective. I've been involved in numerous compilation album projects, such as Project Sonata, and am now organizing my own. Though I primarily use Vocaloid, UTAU, and FL Studio, I have experience using a variety of vocalsynth and music production software. I also play piano and guitar.

I am also the cofounder of DynamiVox, the admin of TUBS, and the writer of the Arpasing website.

Whether you've got a silly question or a serious question, I'll be happy to answer within my means.
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I have a lot of questions. Mostly Silly.

1. Have YOU seen ma lemons?
2. (´• ω •`)?
3. Is Mayonaise an instrument? (So OLD orz)
4. Do you prefer UTAU or Vocaloid?
5. Favourite Japanese Vocaloid? (Aside from the obvious, obviously)
6. Favourite Japanese UTAU?
7. Favourite non-japanese Vocaloid?
8. Favourite non-japanese UTAU?
9. Why did the chicken cross the road?
10. What's your favourite classic anime? (Classic as: DBZ, Pokémon Kanto-Johto series, Sailor Moon, etg.)
11. Same as 10 but with modern anime
12. Which UTAU trope do you hate the most?
13. If you could change anything to UTAU, what would it be?
14. You like da creepipasta?
15. Any anime stereotypes you love/hate?
16. Am i annoying, funny, adorable or all? (´• ω •`)?
18. Is it okay that i ask so much?
19. Have you noticed I left out 17?
17. Have you noticed I just moved it?
20. This is my last question so: Cookies? (´• ω •`)


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  1. I think they've been stolen by those damn lemon-stealing (women).
  2. Stop sending Denko 600 emails a day!
  3. Yes
  4. Objectively speaking I believe that UTAU is more powerful, and I love the freedom even if it's finicky. All of the vocaloids I own are equally finicky with tuning english because UTAU has trained me to enjoy suffering. I like Vocaloid because Kiyoteru.
  5. THERE IS NONE. Okay, I like Hatsune Miku, but out of convenience. When there's basically no merch for your fave, you settle for what you can find...
  6. Kotonone Azami used to be my husbando. He's nothing to write home for but I couldn't get over him for a long time. (I'm over him now.) (But you should still check him out.)
  7. In terms of quality Maika is definitely the best! But we sonika lovers all have a love-hate relationship with Sonika.
  8. I've considered maining Viki or Kumi after I used them for Welcome, but I also like Nova.
  9. It was following the other chicken, who it assumed knew what it was doing.
  10. Let me just open my anime list.... Lots of modern stuff here... How about Ghost in the Shell?
  11. Psycho Pass!
  12. I despise s hota and l oli (Seems the forum agrees, since they just got censored!) If you want to make cute young characters, you can make cute young characters, but don't ever use the words "s hota" and "l oli" or try to invoke those tropes.
  13. Here's a cop out because I can't decide- I would change its development status. Instead of being on infinite pause/abandoned, it would be in active development by Ameya.
  14. No.
  15. Harems are annoying, and so are the bland protagonists that head them. That said, I love to actually look like the high school harem anime typical protagonist or typical girl.
  16. You are entertaining.
  17. Hahaha, silly boy, I got you there.
  18. Yeah, I really appreciate getting a load of questions like this.
  19. Hahaha, silly boy, I got you there.
  20. Sometimes. Cake and pie is better.
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