Open Art Let me draw your UTAU in an outrageously poofy dress! (or whatever you want lol)


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Hi there! Okay, so. Been inactive on UTAforum for a good couple of years now, but I've recently gotten the urge to draw a bunch of stuff and get a bit of a 'folio going.

So, lemme draw your utau!

I LOVE drawing big poofy skirts and dresses, so unless you specify otherwise you WILL* get a drawing of your UTAU in a big ol' ballgown or something.

Or like, I'll redesign 'em for you. For free.

But wait, what's the catch?!?!?

Ah, dear wonderer, it is great you should ask that. The only catch is that it's first come, first served, and I may be very slow because exams are coming up.

Can I use the art?!

Yep. Just credit me and link back to my YouTube (NOT my art tumblr as I have linked below)

Can I use the art as my utau's new design/icon!?!?

Yep! As I said, link to my Youtube in all areas where you use the design. If you use the art in as your UTAU's icon, or otherwise package the design/art in with your UTAU's download, put a link in the readme or something!

...Can I monetize it?


Do you HAVE to redesign em?

No. I can draw your utau's current design if you want, & the same rules apply when using the art.

What's your art like???

I haven't drawn a lot in like a year tbh, but the first image that's shown in the link below was drawn last week.

I haven't put a lot of my digital stuff on there yet, most of it is stored on an external harddrive... somewhere lmao

But aye! Request away!
*Furloid/mechas/stuff like that will take longer to do and depending on the complexity of them i might not do them rip. also exams are coming up so i might have to abandon this aaaa


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Meep meep put my son in a dress, suite, whatever you want!
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Oo! Tbh I'd like to see my UTAU in a poofy dress~
Here's her design!
If you get around with it feel free to do whatever you want with her design! ^^ she's part seal, so it'd be cute if that was incorporated but tbh anythings cool