Lily Sale?


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I'm extremely hesitant in bringing this up, seeing as it's very limited stock and I really want one...but maybe someone can answer my question.

There's a BIG sale going on right now involving the Lily V3 + V3 starter pack. It's 36% off and basically you're getting Lily free.

What I'm worried about is how long this sale is going to last. Is it a week long thing? A month long thing? Until the stock runs out? Because I really really want to get it because the deal is fantastic, and I have more than enough money to do so, but my family is pretty much refusing to let me get her at this time.

Anyone with any information on it would be appreciated.

I'll put a link but...PLEASE no one spread this news to VO or Tumblr or other big places at the moment if they don't know? I'd just like to get an idea of how long I have to convince my folks or if I have no time at all.


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I can't see anything about the discount ending on the website, and I looked on Google but I couldn't find anything about it. :cry:



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I'm not sure. However, if it is based on how much product the have left, then you should be good since there's 16 in stock. Though I don't want to tell you you're safe for a while and then have the sale be over right off the bat. Maybe get someone to buy it for you and then hand off the money once you can? Well either way, the secret is safe with me (and I myself have no intention of buying). uwu

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