looking for a german accented ENG voicebank

ok, im basically trying to find a voice to fit an oc in a song i might make for him at some point. the oc in question has an accent, so im trying to see if theres any english voicebanks that have a german (or similar) accent already "built in" rather than me having to manually make the UST have an accent (that would inevitably turn out bad as well since emulating accents like that sound weird and super unnatural)

preferably a semi higher pitched male voice would be good, but i could try to work with anything.
aliasing doesnt matter whether CV-C, arpasing, VCCV, alt ect.

even japanese voicebanks would work too, but english are preferable.

if anyone has or knows of a voicebank that fits these criteria, that'd be very helpful


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You could try using a German voicebank to sing in English, which will inevitably have an accent as a result of the voicebank being designed for another language. This is one you may be interested in: http://utau.wiki/utau:felix
However, I strongly suggest you contact the author regarding whether they're okay with using the UTAU to voice another character. Terms of use don't always include this detail, so you will need to clarify it.


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I am not German but from Finland and I think that my accent sound quite Finnish or a generic European that might fit.

If you happen to like this voice and want to use it, go for it.

Just credit that you used “Toka Aki” voicebank (aka no stealing voicebanks and claiming it as own) and making it very clear that your original song OC =/= voicebank avatar aka Toka Aki. That’s all


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The only UTAU I can think of that fits that criteria is Onyx. Onyx is a deeper female German UTAU. She has a multilingual voicebank meant primarily for German, however, she has extra phonemes for English and French. That said, despite her voice provider being German, and her voicebank being designed for German, she doesn't have a significant accent when singing in English, and could probably be mistaken for a native speaker in the hands of a competent tuner. It's also important to note that she uses her own unique phoneme system based mostly on SAMPA, and using her if you're not an experienced user can be quite difficult. That said, you could use her German phonemes to emphasize a German accent, theoretically speaking.

That said, as the other two commenters have noted, you really should ask for permission if you're using an UTAU to voice a character, unless it specifically says in the UTAU's terms of service that it's okay to do that.


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I believe Koldos' voicer is a German, so yeah.
hmm koldos sounds good actually

ill try to email the creator and see if i can use the voice, and if they say its okay but it doesnt sound right ill probably try to phoneme / voice manipulate the heck out of a vocaloid i have or something to get the specific timbre i want

(in responding to the comments above, by voicing the oc i meant like how in vocaloid songs the singer is sorta supposed to be the voice of the character in the pv lmao so yeah im def gonna ask if its okay but i didnt mean like talkloid or anything if thats what yall thought) (ex like vanishing world)
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