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Hi! I've posted about this before sort of, but upon posting this that post will be taken down. Getting right to it, I need a voice provider for Bubble still. The vb will be recorded using my own custom reclist that includes english addons. It will also have a soft append. I will provide the reclist (which comes in a package with instructions on use AND guide bgm to use)
Bubble: Semi-Mature masculine sounding vb. He is 16, so keep the maturity toned down a little bit. His one restriction is that the vp needs to math his ethnicity (black). This isn't meant to be a weird thing, it's just that it would feel wrong to have somebody of the opposite ethnicity voicing him (it's also why I refuse to use his original two voicebanks, and will be taking them down when this new vb releases. I voiced him originally and did a terrible job at a cutesy voice, plus it just feels wrong for me to do it now that I think about it). He will be recorded in the pitches D4 (base pitch), A#3 (low pitch), and F#4 (high pitch).
[Edited to remove Cassie, since she now has a voice provider]


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