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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Avalia-Kasa, Sep 5, 2018.

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    Hi everyone, if you've been here for a while and like original songs, you might have heard of overseas-utau-originals on Tumblr. That was a thing I made lmao --

    (queue press f to pay respects joke)

    Problem is, it's basically dead now even though I'd like it not to be. I have only like... half a foot in the UTAU fandom at the moment due to life things so I haven't had the time to run it myself, and the mod I had at one point has similar issues. I'd like to find a few mods (2-3 depending on who's interested) to keep it going so that it doesn't. Y'know. Stay dead. lol

    Responsibilities of mods would simply be to find new UTAU originals whether on Soundcloud or YouTube that are from non-Japanese users, upload them with the producer and UTAU credits, and to help boost producers' original song commissions. I may also add a tag for boosting producer albums that will need to be maintained.

    If you're interested hmu, though I'll probably lean towards names I recognize, since I'll know those people have been in the fandom for pretty long. I may get back to you late on here tho so I recommend going to @ me on Twitter, messaging me on Tumblr, or just emailing me (avalia@musician.org). I'll try to remember to check this thread and my DMs on here, but I'm on here so rarely it's better to reach me elsewhere now lmao

    Thank for reading hav gud day bai
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