Looking for someone to commission for an oto.


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Hi! Nice to meet all of you. I recently got a new voice bank for one of my characters, and I want it to sound better. Whether this is by oto-ing it or by other means, I'm willing to pay whatever. ^^
I will say it is in CV format, however. I'm not sure if that will be a problem or not.... I am fairly new to UTAU, and I only know the basics so far. I really would like to be able to produce covers of some of my favorite songs for my character to sing, without it sounding choppy or weird. My budget is pretty much anything? I don't think I would be able to spend more than $100 at the moment, however. I also do art and designs, so I'm happy to offer those too as a sort of trade if that would be preferable instead. (or both!)

Please comment if you are open, and maybe examples of your work too- and your rates. c:

Thanks in advance! ^^


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I recommend checking through the other threads in the board and replying to them first.

My commissions are always open, and accept any format. Progress depends on the queue, which is quite long, so if you have deadlines I advise looking for someone who's less busy.