Voicebank Masago Miura

A CV Japanese voicebank made up of screamed samples.


Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko
Nikki D. submitted a new Showcase Item:

Masago Miura


Vikura, real name Masago, was raised by her uncle most of her life, who showed her many metal bands and influenced her music taste. Masago never particularly excelled in school, struggling from dyslexia and other learning disabilities. With her uncle's help, she managed to graduate with a high school diploma, but went into the work force upon graduating, realizing she wasn't fit for college. In high school, she bonded with a group of metal fans that wanted to start a band. Originally, Masago wanted to sing for it, but quickly learned she lacked any singing ability. She instead set out to learn how to scream, and found much more motivation in that area. Masago's friends accepted her as the screaming vocalist of the band, and they currently live together in the same flat. Their band is called Wounded Doom. Masago uses the stage name "Vikura," as she thought the word sounded cool. "Vikura" is a Finnish phrase that, translated to English, means "grow up," but Masago doesn't know this. Masago works late shifts at the local 24 hour gas station, and although she doesn't like the work, she rarely misses work and reliably helps provide for the rest of the house. Masago dreams that her and the rest of the band will some day achieve stardom.

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