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Mieko, Miyuki's younger sister and a remake of GraySlate's first VCV


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Mieko Masara


Mieko was born to Hayate Nori and Hanae Masara on April 11. Mieko is the younger sister of Miyuki Masara, but the two could not be more opposite. Miyuki is stoic, brash, and not afraid to say to a complete stranger what she thinks of them, while Mieko is shy, constantly scared, and is even more socially inept. She only trusts a small group of people and tries her hardest to get out of any situation where she haas to meet anyone new. She idolizes her big sister, and has an interest in science and music because of her. Mieko is far too anxious to ever be heard on a stage on her own, but could be swayed if Miyuki asked her to come on with her. Mieko loves taking care of animals and hopes to have a career as a veterinarian. She prefers to stay home by herself rather than entertain large crowds.

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