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    Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out the password to a bowlroll mmd file.

    I have tried everything I can think of now, and although I love a challenge, I really can't see the solution.
    I hate having to trouble other people for help, but here's to hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    Either the riddle is too clever for me, or I am over complicating things.

    I haven't included the link to the items, because at first glance they could be considered R-15.
    So to keep with the PG-13 rule here, I'll omit the link in public, but send it in pm if necessary.
    The model is of an android girl with somewhat conservative armour panelling.

    What the hint says:
    Pass is my name.

    Password is intentionally in hiragana for foreigner measures, Japanese should understand.

    The authors name is:
    弥勒 (みろく)

    The first part outside the parenthesis is in kanji and can be interpreted as "maitreya", "moth" or "miroku".
    The second part inside the parenthesis is in hiragana and is miroku.
    They also have a twitter, where their handle is @miroku9
    I have seen in the description of a video using one of their models the name 弥勒さん which for some reason auto translates to "Tsubaki-san", this may be incorrect however.

    In some of their other posts, the hint was something like "pass is my name, i fixed 3 numbers on the arm"
    Turns out the password was actually a play on words using the old Japanese numbering system.
    "Miroku" is "369". I learned this from mobile suit gundam build try - Fumina = 237

    With all that is given, I would have thought they would stick to "miroku" as the pronunciation of their name.

    The hint about it being in hiragana is confusing though, because the first part "pass is my name" can also be read as "my name in kanji".

    So I have tried:




    If someone could take 5 minutes and look at this problem from a fresh view, I would be very grateful.
    Even if it's just a hint, or an idea....

    Thank you.
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    The author states to type his name in kanji twice. So I guess the password should be 弥勒弥勒

    The second line is just him saying he wrote 二回 in hiragana as にかい as an anti-foreigner measure. A bit sneaky.
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    Omg.... I'm such an idiot.....
    The riddle was clever in its simplicity, and as usual, I was over complicating things.

    Thank you so much. Also, sorry for the late reply. I had some computer issues and lost all my bookmarks when I re installed windows.

    I know I'm not very good at it, but if you ever want a custom character made for an UTAUloid, I wouldn't mind having a go.

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