Mojibake Everywhere Despite Locale Change


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I got a new bigger and badder computer and went to install UTAU on it. I changed the locale to Japanese and opened the UTAU installer. It looked like this (keep in mind that I also installed all the required language packs to type in Japanese prior to doing this):

Hey, look! No mojibake! I must've done everything right then!
It installs, generates the WAVs for Uta, and then...

o.o Uh, Tei.... You okay, girl?
My locale is set to Japanese:

And Tei's files seem fine:

Uta's though...

What's going on?


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Have you redownloaded UTAU since changing your locale? If you downloaded it prior to changing your locale, basically the whole thing becomes corrupted from the start. Try redownloading and reinstalling if you haven't already.


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The first screenshot indicates that you already have UTAU installed. The installer has actually opened to modify or uninstall, not to reinstall. Be sure that everything UTAU related is properly deleted first.


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Oh, you mean even the voice folder? That's probably it, then.
[doublepost=1564673781][/doublepost]On that first screenshot, is the first option remove? I deleted everything UTAU related, and this is still popping up, so I'm going to see if running the uninstall will fix this.
[doublepost=1564674388][/doublepost]The first option installs it again with the mojibake, so that was no good. Clicking the second option brings up this message

I click okay then everything's greyed out except cancel.


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Okay, okay. I found out over time that my whole computer was like that

So I went back to region settings and found this checkbox

"Worldwide"? UTF-8 is the reason why not every language is supported in Windows
Checking that was like checking both a box for Blue and a box for Not Blue

After unchecking that restarting my computer, all was well once again

Except now, after messing with the locale so much, my computer's touchscreen no longer works... I'll have to ask Acer support about that.
Thanks for the help.
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