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What are your thoughts about people with more than one UTAU? What are your "standards" or "expectations" from them or people who want to? Do you have any negative or positive feelings from these types of projects? It's free for discussion because I'm particularly interested in what the community has to say about this. I'd avoid genderbends as another UTAU but if you think that counts as one, go ahead! <3

Don't get upset with each other guys, just saying. You should know that already but you know..controversy can get the better of people! Also avoid finger pointing.

Things to consider what I mean : How many is too many? Is one already enough? Do you not even care? How should the voices be in your opinion? Anything about designs too and relations? etc

Some points I've considered, but I'm a bit shaky on some:
• I personally don't think someone should bombard the community with like 10 UTAU. 3 is a fair number in my opinion, but give or take and I can be flexible.

• Voice acting skills : You need them. So many UTAU I hear that just sound incredibly like each other or like it's a helium version of their first UTAU and it kinda bothers me! I don't know about other people about that. I think often it's also like "ohoho let's see which one gets popular" but aside from my pessimism, it doesn't show much quality anyway?? Ohp, I think I stopped making sense here.
edit: Uhh, like if you've only ever done a single quick CV act, okayish otos but several UTAUs type of thing. And they're kinda rushed just so you have more than one? Idk, that'd bother me since I feel like you can use that time and effort to improve on one?

•People should know their limits. In all ways. Enough said.

•Keep in mind, there are heck of a lot of UTAU already. Think deeply about it, is it necessary to continue making more and more and more? It's fun, yeah! But, again, watch your limits.

It's okay to not have a lot of UTAU. Lots of users, I've also noticed, seem obliged to it because others do??? Okay, not a lot. But enough for me to make a conclusion that it has happened.


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I'm fine with a lot UTAUs. I think the importance in this one is the voice. If every voice sounds the same, you should cut out some UTAUs. If you have like 7 UTAUs but everybody sounds different, I'm fine with that. But I wouldn't do too much, if you can't use them equally. Of course, it's hard to handle that much but if you can't handle it, just don't start making that much.
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In some instances, I think some people would be better off making so and so numbers of appends for one or two of their UTAU cause all their UTAU sound similar to the extent that I can't envision the voices as separate characters. XD;; Am I making sense?

If you can really sound different and voice act, I don't mind I guess? But isn't there a point where it's too much?

Like I'd probably end up on the UTAU with appends side rather than loads of UTAUloids because, even if I ~voice act~ or whatever I still recognize it as me.

So yeah that's just me I guess. Preferences... preferences.


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It really depends on if you'd be able to manage so many voicebanks and be able to voice them, in my opinion. Like everyone is saying, voice acting is a must. But even if you consider yourself a great voice actor, you'll still have limits. For example, I like to think I can voice act well and have a wide range, but I'm going to struggle to voice act three female UTAUs. Also, unfortunately I have a rather high, immature voice and can barely immitate the timber of a male if at all, so I'll probably have to work hard to voice even one higher male and if I wanted to do another I'd probably havfe to resort to pitch manipulation with REAPER or something.

But yeah. Rambled, sorry. You just need to also be able to take care of them too. AYA does well managing Wakana Ayane, and tries her best to take care of her other UTAUs, but over the years she's started to drop and discontinue them as she's realized that she can't keep up with how many she had. Scarfu on the other hand does well managing her assortment since she's staying with her number and keeping them all actively in use. (Please don't get mad at me for name dropping, I'm not saying anything bad about them. ;; )

Soooo, long story short, for me:
-Voice acting
-Creativity and they aren't the same thing over and over again, whether in design or voice
-All are used and not just one constantly
-They're not essentially appends

pffft point three is why i'll fail with multiple utaus i never do anything and i like to stare at male rock voicebanks


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I don't think anythings wrong with it?

When I make several UTAUs, I get different voicers. I've only ever voiced for Taiyo actually. Like Aster said in her post, my voice isn't versatile either xD So I'm only able to work with Appends. I get different voicers so it doesn't all sound the same.
When it comes to finding like 5 - 8 UTAUs all voiced and made by the same person, and their voices sound so identical it's ridiculous, I don't agree with it xD


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As long as you don't forget about some of them, it's fine.

I actually really really like when someone has more than one UTAU & they sound nothing like each other. I dunno why though...I guess it shows the diversity of someone's voice? But yeah, maintaining your UTAUs is key, as well as making sure they don't sound alike. I plan on voicing two UTAUs [size=6pt]the ones stated below
& getting at least one of my friends to voice another. [/size]


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Hmm....well my personal opinion would have to be if you can make the base banks really different from one another then I don't have a problem with it. It's when you start producing "different" UTAU that sound exactly the same is when I'm like "Ehhh..."

And then there's the managing of them and having your voice being able to keep up with all the work. Some people might prefer one of your UTAU to another and then if you drop that UTAU because you can't keep up with it anymore or when people start asking for appends and the like you're probably just asking for a headache.

So, I feel like if you can keep up with the work and of course make them all genuinely different then I have no problem with it.

Personally I can't voice act very well if not at all. And with school taking up 75% of my time...Iris is totally enough for me. XD


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Why does it matter in the end...?

If a person wants to make a lot of UTAU, that's on them. It's their voice, their projects, whether they sound similar amongst each other or not, you know?

People should do whatever they want.

For me personally, I thought I was going to stop at four UTAU, but I started making a fifth one last night so there's that LMAO I don't think I'll make anymore after this though because I'm severely running out of voices...

The thing is, it's not hard to come up with a good number of "unique" voices from your own voice if you record with different accents/ranges/maybe even a little pitching. All five of my UTAU have unique sounds from each other and they all come from my voice.
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Hmm...honestly I'm fine with it if they sound different but if they all just sound the same then I'm sorry but ugh..why bother? ._. plus yea the fact that...there are tons and tons of UTAUs being released... It'd be so hard to keep up.
Plus with just using them alone, pretty sure one or another would not get the same attention from you and that'd be just sad. (I voiced two UTAUs as of late and....I can say I'm not paying attention to the other one much LOL.)
So yea... x-x
but well I guess it does depends on the person... so long as they're having fun, why stop them?


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For me I don't really have more then 2 UTAU that I claim 100% as my own. The two I claim as 100% my own Umine Pizumo (my little brother's) and Kurisu Kooine. Mainly cause my little brother isn't that interested in taking care of all the parts needed other then recording... so i take full responsibility for Pizumo, Kurisu well he is my voice and what not. For the rest of the 120loid, I take an unspoken 50% of responsibility between me and the voicer. For them I make sure their voicebanks are hosted properly, being used on the 120loid channel regularly, advertise them, keep care of their wiki page, make sure the voicebank works and so on and so forth. I really just have my own and take care of my irl friends.


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@Scarfu - Oh, that's very much true. You made me kinda realize my post sounded very one sided and that having countless of UTAU seemed bad actually! xD;;

Huh. My post sounds as if I think there should be a set-on rules and limitations that should apply to everyone. /sobcry Orz, I didn't even have that intention for those who may have read it like that??? Just open discussion and everything you think about it..not accordingly to my or others' thoughts and pointers necessarily. I'll have to change it. u v u;;

To anyone who mentioned it! Yeeeep. If you can get them all to be pretty unique, and considerably different in multiple aspects, I'd actually..think it'd be really cool and would support that user for sure. being all : sob cry how many voices do you have amg let me just borrow some of that skill
Of course. If you won't end up abandoning any of them like said by others!

@Shinamibby - Ohh, I totally forgot about voice manipulation. XDDD BUT WHY YOu FINGER POINT /SOB OVERDRAMATIC CRY I AM NOT MAD AT YOU BBYYYY

new point : I think to make UTAU sound different from each other, users should definitely try different pronunciation. Because sometimes when people record notes just that same way (like...uhhh, how you say your a's even??)..I still hear that user's first UTAU in the new voice. It makes even harder for someone to really consider it's a totally new UTAU..Just from my own experiences though.


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PandaLolii link said:
new point : I think to make UTAU sound different from each other, users should definitely try different pronunciation. Because sometimes when people record notes just that same way (like...uhhh, how you say your a's even??)..I still hear that user's first UTAU in the new voice. It makes even harder for someone to really consider it's a totally new UTAU..Just from my own experiences though.


It's something I realized fairly recently myself too. Pronunciation totally matters - you can just tell sometimes when UTAU are done by the same person. I have that problem majorly as well; I'm guessing a small part of it for some people is that they don't want to pronounce something wrong in Japanese. A lot of my conosonants sound really similar, and I have to voice wierdly to get different results.

So, yeah. Just agreeing with Panda-bby really.

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I have what I think would qualify as an INSANE amount of UTAUloids, for two reasons.
-I can voice act.
-I have an anxiety disorder, and recording and configuring UTAUloids is stress relief for me.
Yeah. I don't mind if people have as many UTAU voicebanks as they want, because that would be hypocritical~ Although, if you can't voice act very well, you should consider making appends and get new voicers if you want to make a new character. UwU


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Derp. Helpful topic is very helpful. OvO

I think as long as I can tell apart your UTAUloids, I think I'm fine with it.

I realized that eight UTAUloids is a bit too....much? XD
Maybe I'll find some other voicers, or try them when I get better with voice acting.
For now, I'll probably stick with 3. (2 crack banks and one decent bank. <_<)

/end unhelpful post.


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Voice acting skills. You definitively need them.
And I also think that the tone you sing in during the recording, and also the "accents" and particular language stresses you put in your voice while recording do matter.

As an exemple, I only voice two UTAUs so far, Ciel Sekaine and NiKORU/NiKO Kajetano, but...

_Ciel was made with a soft, auto-tuned, sweet normal voice. sHe sounds metallic, feminine, opera-ish. It says its U more like "ü" (like the german ü)and its O are "closed".
_NiKORU was made with a clear, strong, a throat-ed more childish voice. She sounds rock-ish, strong, powerful. She says her U more like "oo" (german U), she rolls R's (made with vibrating the tongue against the upper part of the mouth), and her O are "open".
_Genderbent NiKORU's voice and you obtain NiKO's voice, meaning a (really nice) tenor with rolling R's, open O, U more like "oo" and, weirdly enough, NiKO sounds softer than NIKORU.

I can assure you that even in duets, they are hardly similar.

Making different-sounding voices is maybe a challenge in itself, but it's up to the creator to state their own limits.


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AH HAH HAH I have 8... But two are crack banks (Yelling and SUPER EXCITED)

The problem is, after about 4, they start to sound the same, unless you're really good at voice acting. For instance, GRIS is pretty much a soft version of VERT. However, I want to release him because if you gender bend him he becomes an adorable little girl, something you can't do with VERT's VB. Thankfully my voice is a bit more versatile and I can do some weird things with it, but if you can't do that I wouldn't suggest more then two or so.

(For reference, the voices I've used are: High female, slightly higher then my regular voice, me trying to do a mature/sexy voice (just came out slightly lower and soft), a high-ish boy and a deeper guy, and then one guy between the two somewhere but soft.)


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Making a single post with all the "recommendations of how to differentiate your UTAU's voice" since that's like..the biggest concern I've seen! Yeeaah. Feel free to add in to here too. I'll just edit this post then. = v =b

-Different pronunciation
-General Voice Acting
- + Append differences (ex Soft, Mature womanly voice vs Strong, High pitched female)


I don't really like the though of big UTAU families. It makes me think that people don't use enough time with one UTAUloid and the family comes more importand than the UTAUloids themselves. I'm ok with people who record 3-5 UTAUloids who sound good, but more than that is already pretty many.
At least you should use the UTAUloids you've recorded and not forget older ones after a new UTAUloid.


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Try immature/ mature
High and low
soft and sharp
Guttural and nasal

Okay that's all I've got.

One of the problems I've found with having a lot of your own UTAU is that you often have to maintain them yourself - because of this I rarely use other people's UTAU (which I feel kinda bad about OTL). But it can be hard to make sure you try to balance them - I know personally my main UTAU ROUGE has FAAAAAR more covers then any of my others because she's more versatile then the rest of them, and it can be a chore to find songs for some of the more specific banks, especially when they have a more limited range.


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I'm for having more than one, honestly. Because I see it as good fun and because I've not really had a bad experience of two voicebanks sounding the same just yet. But then again, I also consider the fact that I've heared how some people can change the way they record. For instance, my first voicebank sounds much different than the one I'm working on - even though they're supposed to be the same person, and rather just fixing the bank by making a new one completely. (Did that make sense?) The first one was recorded with me singing my notes very quietly to the laptop mic - it produced a bank with varying pitches, but overall, she had a high range and a love for long held notes. The one I'm working on now is down with my speaking voice and has been split up into sections of recording. So far, the voice is even but for one or two clips, and her overall sound is gentle and an alto range. At the same time, I know that I have a large range in my vocal capacity xD So I guess I'm biased? I don't know. . .

But basically, I see it as having fun. . .and I don't know how many other people do this, but I got into UTAU in order to see if I could make voices for my characters from my writings. . .so basically, the character is all ready there, I'm just wanting to play with them and making them sing xD I don't know if that made sense either. . .

But that's my opinion :3

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