[Multilingual VB Release] Weißer Schnee [Onyx] + UST

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    Original by regulus ft. Hatsune Miku

    Translyrics, UST, Harmonies, Mix, Onyx by Sylveranty
    Midi by Sumo Chick
    PV, Illustration by Zeroin

    I'm releasing my UTAU, Onyx, today, as well as my German reclist.

    Some details about Onyx:
    She has a 6-pitch Japanese CVC voicebank. 3 main pitches, 3 extra pitches. The main pitches are also included in her second voicebank.
    That's a 3-pitch multilingual CVC voicebank. She has recordings specific for German, English and French, but other languages should be possible as well.

    On SC:

    Vocal only:
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