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I needed somewhere to rant.
I've always wanted to use UTAU and VOCALOID since I found out about it in 2014/2015 or so (i was 10 or 11 at the time). When I found out you can make your own UTAU I was ecstatic. I wanted to make my own.
Years later I'm 17 and I've finally gotten UTAU and I plan to make my own voicebank. I wanna know if there is any intrest for them if I ever do make them.
So they'll basically be me (sorta) they won't entirely be me, I'm not going to add the fact I have ADHD and OCD, plus many more, into them (i don't want them to suffer) but I will use them for venting.
Anyway their info.
-Name; IDK yet prob Irene or D'Shea or Courcy/ Coursey (maybe D'Shea DeCourcy!)
-Age; whatever age I'll be when I make them
-Height; 5'2
-Pronouns; They/them/she/her
~animals (mainly replites)
~music (mainly playing instruments)
~video games
~cute stuff
-dislikes (whoo boy)
~animal cruelty and mistreatment (namely to reptiles)
~being ignored
~being called cute or short
Character item; IDK prob a Bb clarinet (hate), Bass Clarinet (love), Contrabass Clarinet (HEAVEN), maybe Bass Guitar
Overall; They built a tough outer shell that is easily cracked when they're exposed to something they love. They sometimes have a lizard with them.

I'm hoping this will sound good as anytime I send a voice clip to a stranger they flip out over how nice my voice is and my midwestern US accent.
My goal is for them to have a lower range as that's what I love. I would LOVE to have different varients for soft and loud voicebanks like soft has glasses, loud has devil wings (my favorite bag has devil wings)
An idea i just had is a buddy that is a bearded dragon with angel wings as recently my beardie passed away and another beardie with a flame on the end of his tail if my new one starts loving me.
Anyway! Thank you for reading and if you got this far feel free to ask a question so I can flesh them out more! And tell me if you'd be interested to see this done!
I plan on making them a voicebank as soon as i can buy a microphone.

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