My first UTAU voicebank (WIP)

Pixelody Chiptune

Momo's Minion
Hello there! After weeks of recording I'm finnaly ready to showcase my new UTAU: Jestau.
Jestau is my first ever voicebank. I tried to make sure this Utau sounded as unique as possible and I think It's pretty good. Though, because I'm not an expert at UTAU, The voicebank may sound glitchy at first. But I'll probably try to fix them in newer versions.

What kind of voicebank is it?
It's a CV voicebank but it may get a VCV or english bank soon

Does it have any Appends?
Yes, It has:
Normal: The defualt voice
Strong: A more powerfull voice
Super soft: A soft voice (WIP)
The UTAU is close to being finished

Got any demos?
Yes, Here:
UST by: Cody Tailor BTW

See you soon!
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Teto's Territory
Always nice to see new utaus being created!
I like the way the voicebank sounds! keep it up!!
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