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Hello fellow MMD fans!
I have some questions and problems. Hopefully someone can help me. ^^
First, my model Kyoko, who is my UTAU. Her hair keeps dragging to her right. O.o And it sometimes shows her skin on the head in motions.
Also made a dress for her, but when she uses motions, glitch, and her chest shows. O.ô
Help? ^^

Also, how to I make clothes n such? I have GoogleSketchUp. What files can I open in it?
Cause I wanna use a model and "draw on" the clothing.
I also have Metaseq.

I am grateful for answers, I can send pics/vids of what I mean too.


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I'm going to answer with the assumption that you know how to use Metasquoia or Blender.

There are several MQO files available of base models on dA so you can make your clothes on them. Each of them have very specific body types, so pick wisely. If you change the base later on in PMD, you will have to readjust the clothing shape. It isn't hard to do that, but is time consuming and requires a lot of patience.

As for the rest of your questions: It's difficult to determine fully without an actual video demonstration.

Just from the text description, I have two theories. Either the physics/joints aren't correct, or her hair is not attached to the right bones.

For Googlesketchup, you need to browse the Google Warehouse and convert files for use in Meta/Blender, and then convert those to .X files and import them into PMD. PMD will only import .X, .PMD, and .PMX files.

The reason her chest shows is because it's clipping with the dress. Same goes for her head showing through her hair. Some models have very professional rigging and can keep all pieces without problem. Sometimes, though, I tend to have a lot of clipping issues, so I will simply delete the skin parts beneath the clothing so that they stop clipping, since they will not be seen and are therefore unnecessary anyway. This also reduces the amount of polygons are in the model, thusly reducing the file size. Generally, higher poly models can have better physical quality (not talking about physics, but texture and appearance), but can lag user's computers to extreme lengths if their PC is not powerful enough.

I find that more often than not, this is the case with the MMD community. Not everyone has a powerful gaming PC rig like myself.

Anyways, if you could post a video of her dancing, it would be very much appreciated. I can't make any official "diagnosis" for your problem until I can see it. :]


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Actually, I solved her hairproblem, it was her physics. So I found a real good tutorial for that.:smile:

I figured that the clipping was the problem, so I might have a go at that.

And thanks for the info on the 3D programs. I'll try my best. x'D I know nothing of em, but it can't be too hard, I think.
I'm using an Etomasa model for Kyoko, so what are those MQO files? O.o

Anyhow, have this pic of Kyoko outside a Japanese home in a lovely kimono.


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LadyRingo said:
Actually, I solved her hairproblem, it was her physics. So I found a real good tutorial for that.:smile:

Could you share the tutorial via link or post, perchance?