Need a design for an utau?

Discussion in 'Trades' started by Miloids, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Hi! ^^

    Well, I have a lot of designs (male, female, genderless, hermaphrodite etc xD..) They all even have names.

    I obviously do not have the capability to even voice all of them.. So does anybody want to voice an utau? ^^ I'll supply a design!

    All you would have to do is give me your voice samples, I'll take care of the oto.ini and such (Basic CV is really all I know how to edit properly, but english and such I can always attempt :wink: I'm mainly saying this part cuz IDK how to do VCV, CV VC or whatever else is out there XD)

    My only catch: You're part of the MILOid series :P You can obviously use your own voice for however you wish though! You're just.. "branded"? XD hehe.. Oh, and I would PREFER to keep the names the same, but maybe I'll bend the rules =P I'll think about it :wink:

    I can give you a design, and it can always be edited a bit to suit how you wish ^^

    Just give me a "look" you want to go by (i.e. rocker with a carefree attitude, Yandere, oh-so-adorable-ness.) and I'll try to match with what you wish ^^

    phew! I think I adderd everything I wished to add! ^^

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