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Hi, I'm trying to create a Jinriki voice bank of a haracter from an anime I watch! I have his voice lines from some games he's in, I've oto'd his VB too, bit he sounds pretty bad. Like, a scratchy metallic echoey sound? Some notes don't even work half the time, like "su" only giving me a "ssssss" sound. Can I have some help please?
Here's his VB (he doesn't have every note so far because i'm trying to learn and polish the ones he already has):

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You cannot publicly distribute jinriki voicebanks.
Yes, this is correct. Please refrain from posting download links to VBs with vocal samples you have no rights to use. You could get into trouble, the forum could get into trouble, it's actually against UTAU's ToS really.

What we CAN help with is your oto or usage issue, if you provide screenshots of your oto or vocal samples.

Do make sure you're clearing your UST before pressing play by selecting all notes, right-clicking a note and selecting "region properties", then pressing "Clear" & making sure the STP section under "details" is white (select it and press space if it isnt) , then OK to confirm. Press P2P3 or P1P4 on the top toolbar to re-apply crossfading, and you should be good to go. If this doesn't work it is most likely that your oto is incorrect.
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