Need some help please!


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Hi! I'm new here and I'm also new to UTAU. Like very new.
I've recently figured out how to do the basics and whatnot, I know how to change a notes name by double clicking, but is there a way to change all of the names at once instead of spending a century staring at my laptop changing the names from a japanese character to just a simple letter?
Thank you!

Also sorry if my english is bad, I'm Italian;;;


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There is a bulk lyric change option in UTAU. Write the new lyrics in the lyric editor, select the notes you want to apply the lyrics to and press the first button after the lyric box.


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Select the notes first, type the new lyrics in the box at the top, then press the first button.



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Are you using the cursor tool for selecting? And mode 1 or 2?
And are those syllables in your reclist? (Japanese utau use hiragana, so the other writing systems won't work)
If it is a vcv UTAU, you'll have to convert the lyrics using plugins.

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