New Group Created - Vocal-singthesis Fanclub

Vocal-Singthesis Fan has created a new group called Vocal-singthesis Fanclub.

This is a fanclub for people who are in the Vocal-synth community. An alternative to this fanclub is here:

1. Don't Bully / Harrass others
2. Don't Disrespect everyone
3. Don't Join if you're under 13 years old
4. Dont Say very bad words like the "n" word or "r" word, as they are racial slurs
5. Don't Be racist or sexist as that is not tolerated
6. Don't Act innapropriately
7. Sexual activity is NOT tolerated
8. Do not send any sexual comments or media
7. Don't Claim any property of the club as yours
8. Don't Say stuff behind people's backs
9. Don't Claim any of my voicebanks discussed as yours
10. Don't Distribute links to this group or any download link I have (SVPs, USTXs, VSQXs, Discord servers, etc.)
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