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I am new to Utau but I love Vocaloid and Utau a lot but I wanted to try and use Utau to get somewhat practice for Vocaloid since I want to be a Vocaloid producer uwu. But I just had a few questions for experienced users. To start off, I have a windows 10 laptop but it's also extremely old and I'm just curious if anyone also has a super old laptop that they do Utau on? But I also just want to know if it would be compatible on the laptop at all, if I do all the right steps I mean with the whole locale thing. The other question is, is the Utau program itself in English if I download it from the site? I read and watched a few videos and it didn't confirm that it was in english so idk. Also the other thing is that after it's all set up, am I able to change the settings back? Also what exactly does changing the locale do if it's set as Japan? How does it affect the laptop? Please please pleaaaaseee let me know! Also about Teto, how would I get her voice bank? Or really in general how would I get voice banks? I haven't done the research on that yet but I might as well as ask while I'm here so..yeeee uwu
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UTAU should be able to run on an older laptop without issues.

Set your locale before you install the software by going to Control Panel > Clock & Region > Change date, time, or number formats. Go to the Administrative tab and select "Change system locale". From there, you should be able to select Japanese (Japan), and you're good to go! This shouldn't change your language settings anywhere else on your computer, but it may make some software try to install in Japanese by default.

If I'm remembering correctly, you should have the option to install in English, but if not, then you can change the language by opening the software, clicking 「ツール (T)」(tools) on the toolbar, then 「オプション (O)」 (options), and changing this setting to look like this:

As for Teto, you can download any of her voicebanks off of her website (you can translate the page if you're using chrome). Download the .zip file onto your computer and unzip it's contents into the "voice" folder in your UTAU program files. It should look something like this:

If you want more voicebanks, try using either of the wikis ( or ) or this forum's Showcase tab to browse for ones you like, or keep an eye out for downloads on Youtube, Soundcloud, or other sites that people post covers to.

Hope this helps!
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