Note issues when importing midi to UTAU?

Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by Wendi, Jan 22, 2019.

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    When I import this midi into UTAU, some of the notes get super short and sometimes the spacing between notes get messed up, messing up the timing of the song. I'm trying to make a UST for this and so I'm wondering if anyone knows how to solve this? When i open the midi using a DAW it plays normally so I think the midi itself is fine( i mean this midi is actually straight from the producer of the original song so it should be correct).
    I'm wondering if this is just a UTAU synth issue since im a mac user. But is this a common problem? Does anyone know how to fix this? Or if this file actually opens properly for you, itd be appreciated if you could just turn them into UST files for me and send it to me or something.

    heres the link to the midi download if you wanna check it out, lemme know right away if theres something wrong with the download ( in case i didnt upload it correctly etc) thanks
    6_Jpop CDJapan
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    I can't check the MIDI right now, but I will later. I'll probably be able to convert it. Edit: I converted it and PMd you about it!

    I don't have UTAU-Synth, but PC UTAU will sometimes create short notes with a length of 0 in-between other notes. It throws everything off, at least for me. If it seems like UTAU-Synth might be doing the same thing, you'll have to manually delete them every time that happens.
    They... also tend to be invisible, though. You may not even notice they're there until you try inputting groups of lyrics and notice it being inaccurate somewhere.
    (I didn't have that issue with this MIDI, but it doesn't mean UTAU-Synth didn't have that glitch. However, if it isn't that, then I'm not sure how to fix it. Sorry! Hopefully someone else has figured out a solution?)
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