Notice: Emergency Datacenter Node Migration & DNS Changes Completed (08/05/2023)


Update: Server Migration & DNS Changes Completed. If you are reading this message then your DNS has successfully updated and now points to the new server. If your friends can not see this message then they are still on the old server. If their DNS doesn't update automatically within the next few hours they may need to flush their DNS.

I would have scheduled this one and given forenotice if I knew it was coming. A bit unexpected but a forced server migration from our datacenter partner which lead to some downtime.


Due to stability issues upstream which are out of our control, we are conducting emergency migrations of all VPS customers with services in the USA, who are being moved to a new data center.

The scale of the task at hand means it is not possible for us to contact each customer with their new IP space. Please login to the VPS control panel to see your new IP space.

If you have an IP in the below subnet, you have been successfully migrated:

We sincerely apologize for the troubles caused here. We ask that non-urgent tickets are deferred until this work is complete. More information will be made available once the migrations are complete.

Kind Regards,

Not sure if the new server has any new quirks or oddities. If anyone notices anything wrong do contact me.
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