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I hope you don't let bodytemp's disgusting and disrespectful actions to discourage you. I think you should continue. But if you want to stop development, it's understandable.

Right, So I have been offline due to this drama and the fact that I have personally been hospitalised and family members have also been sick. This will be my last reply to clear up any drama about this. I will no longer have any contact with affected parties nor will my studio do business with this synth.
First, I did not steal the code or any voicebank all voicebanks that I have released or made have been my own. What reason do I have to steal a voicebank when I can so obviously sing myself. The code has been removed and was removed as well as the HDD that it was contained on reformatted. This was part of the contract in clause 11. All voices data was to be deleted and we were to delete the code completely. This has occured SiVo is free to do whatever it wants to do we have no hold on SiVo and never did.

This is the compensation part of his contract(I cant be bothered typing):

As you can see we do not "owe" anything as development cycle did not end as it was terminated.

So please can you stop sending the info email harassment I keep getting called about this from both Jessica and Tim. Stop dragging my name through the dirt when things were ended correctly.

its okay I'll be exiting the forum after this I cannot be bothered looking at the replies of this. because I know all too well I'm not welcome here and have never been I'm sick of being called a liar when I'm not one and my social anxiety cannot put up with kids like you.

Yuu good luck with the project but remember people don't forget your past mistakes and actions. I've heard it all too well from the Japanese community and so that way the overseas people give you the benefit of the doubt I'm not going to post accusations and proof I have been sent on the issues you have caused there. Not going to cause needless drama honestly if I were you I'd just rename it.

Moros or Sayuri are the best people to get in contact with me if you desperately need me they are able to get a hold of me. I will not answer questions pertaining to this matter any further I have said my piece now let me go and attend to urgent family matters.



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Aaaand locking this thread as well. Please handle this offsite or through DMs. This is not professional behavior and I refuse to allow UtaForum to become a battleground.
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