Original song guide?


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Exporting MIDI from FL Studio's main menu often results in a tempo of 50000 for whatever reason, so I recommend exporting midi directly from the piano roll to preserve the correct tempo.


This also means you can export the midi of just a vocal placeholder track, instead of having to convert all of the channels to MIDI Out (which is DISASTROUS if you're trying to write original music!!)


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when you say utau doesn't preserve the structure of the notes, is importing the midi making it all glitchy looking?
b/c if you're having the same problem I typically have importing midis from FL studio, I have to use audacity (a free program) to import the midi into audacity and then export--> midi and somehow that 'fixes' the midi so that utau can read it okay. I dunno why, it just works xD

(also all this talk about how to make music makes me wanna start making simple how to music tutorial videos even though I'm pretty much a music noob myself LOL)

actually, i had a problem where utau was playing the midi way faster than fl studio despite supposedly having the same BPM ???? i just slowed down the bpm until it seemed right,,, but im wondering if that can be related? but it couldve just been a mistake on my part. hm.

what i was actually referring to though, is that when i use the english converter plugin to replace notes with english, it basically resets all those notes to a certain size at like the default C note instead of whatever they were before. if you still dont understand i can try to send an example if you want.

also you should if you want to!! im sure lots of people would find your advice helpful!


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I'm not sure what plugin you're using, because Arpasing Assistant doesn't do that at all.
If you're using VCCV banks rather than Arpasing, here's a couple of tutorials about how to use them by hand.
These techniques can be applied to using English banks by hand in general.
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