[Original Song] Silence [Daisy]


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I realize wayy too late how unoriginal the name is RIP.

So this is a new song I wrote, and my first song using Alter/Ego. It has a personal meaning to me, so I hope you enjoy it ^-^

I want to speak for myself.
(A song of personal significance)

I've always wanted to use Daisy in a song...her voice just hits all the right spots for me. I started this song on a whim after emotions inspired it, so it actually only took me about a week to completely finish this. I think that's a new record. [insert mlp academy record image macro here]

You have no right to silence me.
You have no right to make my speech.
So where's my right? So where's my right to speak?

Song & Album Art: ArmSleevesP
Vocal: Daisy

Download: armsleevesp.bandcamp.com/track/silence
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I'm here because I love to help people that make original songs :3
Anyway, great song!! There are just a few lyrics, but I'm addicted!!!!

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