Paint Tool Sai vs. Medibang Paint Pro: Discuss!

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Which drawing software do you like best?(Disregarding Photoshop because it's a lot more general)

  1. Paint Tool Sai

  2. Medibang

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  3. Other

  1. unknownLinguist

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    So I usually use paint tool sai, but recently gave Medibang a more serious try because I found out it has a lot more brushes you can download via it's cloud function, resulting in me making a quick wallpaper of my new (just for fun) UTAU:
    shun proto CV1  wallpaper.png
    Decided I like Medibang now, because the marker brush I used for most of this image(besides splatter and font) feels very very smooth, and I'm not sure why but somehow I just feel like doodles I've made in Medibang feel a little bit more polished than in Sai?? I have no clue why though, it might just be that Medibang's dark color scheme is easier on the eyes. Also when the background is transparent it looks checkered(i hate how sai's transparent looks white). Also Medibang has awesome fonts (And in a ton of languages!)
    But yeah so back on topic: I'm just wondering what you guys use? And if anyone has opinions on Medibang vs Sai, I'd love to hear!
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  3. Iris Hunter

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    In my opinion,Paint Tool SAI is aging a lot.
    While It's an awesome program that has been my companion since I was 10, It's just...solely for drawing.
    I've seen many,many,many artists that tweak their drawing with another program.
    I don't think I've heard anything about It's successor Paint Tool SAI 2 in a while either. And It's getting a lot of rivals, especially Clip Studio Paint.
    MediBang is...Too nice for a program that's free, really. I'd say It's also a great alternative if you don't have 50 $.
    MediBang sure has a lot of things that can defeat SAI, but SAI isn't bad either.
    MediBang sure defeats SAI, but I feel like It's uh... a free version of Clip Studio Paint that might be better than Clip Studio Paint (since I didn't play with MediBang that much, in fact, while I've heard it a lot, this thread actually made me try MediBang out... It didn't disappoint me, though ♥)
    Conclusion... MediBang is the winner for me, sorry SAI, but I guess hard words break no bones! :sing:
  4. shanjiu

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    SAI is around fifty bucks and has enthusiastic followers. I'm currently using SAI2 version 2018-12-23-64bit-en with a XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Screen Drawing Pad . Works totally fine without any pen pressure related issues.

    I Think SAI Is a much Simpler tool to learn then Photoshop, That being said they are both good at different things. SAI is great if you are going to be doing inking for comics or manga completely digitally.

    I recommend MediBang Paint Pro. It's free and works pretty well for digital art, especially if you want to make comics. But it also works for painting since you can also download brushes for it and try it out.

    Krita is free, designed specifically for drawing and painting, actively developed, and there are great YouTube tutorials for it. If it's image editing you're interested into, there's Gimp, also free. It's a bit unintuitive, but a good tool.
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  5. Soursop the fruit

    Soursop the fruit ✧ Fruity & Happy ✧ Defender of Defoko

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    I use both tools as my main and here are the pros and cons imo

    + Eye comforting & convenient interface
    + Has mobile ver. (although PC ver. is better)
    + Customizable basic brush tools
    + Many edit & filter tools to create effects
    + Cloud storage to save our work
    + Autosave & recovery
    + Multi language
    + Cloud resource with many brushes, fonts, comic layouts, etc.
    + Active community; it has basic tutorials about using medibang and drawing simple anime stuff, competition, & monthly hall of fame.

    - Can't scroll by arrows (and afaik i can't add custom shortcut for it)
    - Sometimes would give bug where it gives a 1s delay in every stroke so i have to restart the program
    - A bug too where it sometimes ignores pen pressure so i have to restart PC
    - Selection & fill tool doesn't auto-select active layer as reference (it's a con for me)

    SAI: (Still using V.1)
    + Much simpler interface(not dark mode tho, i wish it could be changed) and customizable basic tools. Good for beginners who wants to improve drawing skills.
    + Neat line tool
    + Layer textures
    + "Scroll by arrow butons" which Medibang doesn't have...Drawing while moving scroll bar by pen is a hassle for me.

    - Memory issues with large canvas
    - When it crashes due to memory issue, there's a chance your file would corrupt

    Conclusion: 50-50 for me, they fill each other's gap and i'm happy using them^^
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