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    I decided I want to offer to create physical copies of UTAU voicebanks, so you can have your child(ren) on your shelf!

    Here is an example of one I've made.
    My boxart size is a liiiiiiiittle bit off, but it shouldn't be a huge problem.

    I will create boxart (or you can create it) using whatever artwork is provided for the character, and I will make a pretty disk with an autorun file and an installer burnt on it. The box art and disk will be placed within a DVD case. I just want to see more physical UTAU.

    I do ask that you pay for shipping. I will look for the cheapest (and probably slowest) method to get your box from the US to your area.

    The maximum capacity the DVDs I use can hold is like 4GB, so.
    There will be one disk per box. i don't have those fancy multi-disk cases.

    Only one UTAU per person at this time.

    Multipitch voicebanks count as one character, but for sake of simplicity, at this time I am not considering expression banks to be the same character. The only exception to this is if your expression banks are bundled and aliased to be used together. (i.e, the default bank has no suffixes (outside of multipitch, if applicable), but other expressions such as "soft" or "scream" can be activated via suffix)

    If it's an expression bank that sits in its own folder and is meant to be used alone, I count it as a different UTAU. I understand the desire for separate disks if the expressions have different art, but for now, I'm going to say no to this, simply because I am offering to do this on my time, and I pay for discs, labels, and cases with my own money.

    If your UTAU is for UTAU-Synth.....
    You will be sent a box and disk, but you'll have to create an installer yourself. I don't know how to make one for mac, lol.

    I will.......
    -provide the disk, with art on it, and a DVD case with boxart in it.
    -create an exe installer for your voicebank, as well as an autorun file
    -provide fan art, if I am in the mood
    -allow for bundled expressions, provided they can be used together. (See above.)

    I won't.....
    -create art booklets
    -create a separate box or for each expression/append bank at this time
    -accept multiple UTAU from an individual
    -create a bundle package for voicebank + UTAU program

    Please provide......
    -artwork, if you want to use a specific image
    -a logo. I will make a simple one if not.
    -any terms of use/license for your UTAU in a private message.

    Please wait for confirmation before assuming I have begun your disk and box.
    Do NOT send any money until I've figured out your specific shipping price!

    EDIT: About shipping!
    I will be using first class package as the shipment method for all discs. This is pretty cheap, but may take a few days.
    I will pay out of pocket to ship your package first, and then message you with the price of the shipment (which really shouldn't be a lot). I'll then ask you to send that amount to my paypal account, which I'll include in the message.

    If I quote your post, I would like you to send me the terms or license as stated above - until I quote your post, please don't. I don't want to get flooded with TOU when I've not confirmed I've begun on your disk.

    And, please realize, I pay for ink and labels and disks and cases with my own money, on my own time. So sometimes it may take me a while to get to your disk, depending on the status of my wallet. I'm doing this without asking for payment (except for shipping), so please don't get impatient with me.

    If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.

    I will be opening only 5 slots for now.
    They will be reset and emptied once the 5th disk on the list has been completed and sent out.
    Once they are emptied and reset, the next 5 people will be confirmed and added to the slots.

    1. @Eyeris
    2. @Yozane
    3. -open-
    4. -open-
    5. -open-
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  3. Damien

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    Lovely idea! I won't submit a bank of my own I just think this is really cool!
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  4. Tree Sounds

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    How much are these? (I'd like to send one as a gift as soon as I get moolah lol)
  5. partial

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    It just depends on shipping. So it will vary depending on where you live, but I'd say around $20 USD?

    Of course, don't hold me to that. It's just a guesstimate.

    editt noooooooooo, waaaaay cheaper than that
    @Tree Sounds
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  6. Tree Sounds

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    Oh okay!
  7. YukitoYuki

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    Is it possible to ship internationally or is it US only? :v
  8. partial

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    International. Media mail isn't like other mail from what I've read - it is purely based on size and weight, not on distance traveled. So I don't mind international shipment!
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    It seems media mail is simply for educational materials.

    I'll probably use this instead, as it is the next cheapest I can find.
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    Nvm. I was wrong.

    It is a first class parcel.

    But it's still like $5 or less from what I'm seeing.

    (I'm a bit inexperienced at shipping HAHAHAhahahhhhh....)
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  9. dezzydream

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    Honestly, I'd love to have one, but my parents are pretty sketchy about me buying things from users. It makes me really sad.
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  10. Damien

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    Saaaaaaaaaame :<
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  11. ZPKero [Zetsune Project]

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    Are these still up? I've very interested in commissioning you!

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