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    My name is Pickko, helper of Pianopick.

    During my free time, I have been working on Pianopick, doing development work and building up my website, https://www.pianopick.com

    It is a game that I have been working on since Sep, 2015.

    What type of game is Pianopick?
    It is a game that allow you to :

    Sing without knowing how to sing

    Play the piano without knowing how to play.

    Pianopick = Synthesia + Utau

    Pianopick is a virtual keyboard rhythm and singing game.

    A piano game that sing when you press the key. You will play as the lead singer.

    With Pianopick, you can

    Gameplay video of Pianopick

    Why I created Pianopick?

    In all the music games that I had played, I had always wished that I can play with my favorite songs and be playing the role of the lead singer but not many music games do that.

    The game that is closer to what I have wished to have is Synthesia. With Synthesia, I can input a midi file and play with my favorite song.

    I can play the main melody, but there is still no such game that allow me to play as the lead singer.

    With Pianopick, what I wish is to allow you to play the music you have always wanted to play. And to also play the role of a lead singer.

    This game is free. I have set up a website. You can download Pianopick at https://www.pianopick.com

    Looking for help

    I am looking for help.

    I am looking for people to help me test Pianopick.
    I am also looking for reviewer. Your review will allow me to make this game better.

    If you are interested, please leave a comment in this thread.

    You can download the game at https://www.pianopick.com
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