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    I'm currently writing a story and it's more like a script from the way I wrote it XD
    I'm planning to make it to a drama cd OuO

    The name of the series is IDoL Singer M (M as in for Males XD)
    Here's the summary
    Satsuki, your average man, fired countless times, until one day he was given the opportunity to be an Idol.
    He tries his best to make it into the Idol's Blue Prince Stage, where an idol is a true idol, He relies on his friends in the agency to help him out to achieve the Blue Microphone. With rival companies competing for the Blue Prince Title, Satsuki has to put his best into the music he sings

    Well here are the characters
    Tachibana Satsuki
    Sex: Male Age: 25 Height: 5'3 Weight: 158 lb's Occupation: Idol
    He is more like a hyper active type of guy, he is always full of energy and ready to go, he encourages his partners to continue on and stay strong during the stage

    Murayama Ren
    Sex: Male Age:27 Height: 5'7 Weight: 169 lb's Occupation: Idol]
    He is a shy innocent man, he tends to wuss out of events, but with Satsukis help he manages to overcome it. Ren is also playful when around Satsuki

    Onodera Sousuke
    Sex: Male Age:23 Height: 5'2 Weight: 143 lb's Occupation: Idol
    He is a serious man, he won't fool around when it comes to vocal,dance, and appeal training. He tends to goof off when given sweets

    Hagiwara Luka
    Sex: Female Age:25 Height: 4'5 Weight: ??? Lb’s Occupation: Producer
    Hagiwara Luka is the producer of these guys, she is the smart one of the group but also tends to act foolishly when around famous idols

    Hagiwara Makoto
    Sex: Male Age: 30 Height:? Weight:??? Lb’s Occupation: President of IDoL SiNGER M
    He is the president of Project IDoL Singer M, he is in charge to take care of these idols, he will have an important role on IDoL Singer F

    So what you guys think XD, should I really make a drama cd for my story? Is the story interesting at all?​
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    I like it, though it seems to be more on comedy, paradoy with UTAU/Vocaloid in-jokes and such.
    Out of curiosity how you planning to publish this like will it be a hard copy or digtal CD that has to be purchased or will it be on YouTube and you just need special permission.
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    I actually got the idea by the animes of Aikatsu and Idolm@ster XD
    I'm gonna publish it on youtube, in don't think I wanna sell it though, so that's why i'm going to upload all chapters in youtube

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