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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by shinami, Oct 8, 2013.

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    I just wanted to discuss fun challenges to do in Pokemon games, hah.

    I know X and Y are coming out and I'll be playing that exclusively for a bit, but eventually even on those games you'll want to mix it up.

    So let's talk about challenges! If you don't know one (Like a Nuzlocke for example), just ask and someone or I will explain it.

    So first off is the Nuzlocke of course. It's hard to stay dedicated to that though. I generally stick to the three core rules, but add on the no doubles rule for variety. Though if one of my team members faints when we're at Level 50 I say "screw it" and fail the Nuzlocke by ignoring it. DX

    Current Nuzlocke experience, if curious:
    I did a Nuzlocke on Platinum before (Kricketot, Geodude, and Zubat died, then in the 40s my Infernape died so I stopped Nuzlocking). But this is my second time doing a Nuzlocke really, doing it on Black. I've lost a Woobat, Patrat, Pansage, and a Gothita so far. The Patrat and Pansage loss was soooo embarrassing. It was a dark grass double battle against a Pidove and a Timburr - I thought we could kill them before they got us. NOPE. DOUBLE KO. UGH. I wouldn't have kept them on my team for long but I'm still super embarrassed they died simultaneously in an "easy" battle. Team is now Palpitoad (which I would have never used before, thanks Nuzlocke!), Pignite, Tranquill (need better Pokemon soon), Sandile (used before, want something new), Cotonee, and Yamask (Gothita's replacement, latest death). Hoping no more deaths will happen.

    It's also just fun in a regular playthrough to at least keep the "only the first Pokemon you see you can catch" rule, I love keeping that in Gen 3 playthroughs.

    Next challenge! And this isn't too much of a challenge as it is changing up how you play.
    Make a team of Pokemon you've never used before!
    Whether they're available too late in the game to be of use, in the generation you CAN get them in easily they kinda suck, or you've just never gotten around to it, there's Pokemon you've always wanted to use but haven't. Trust me, this is one of the funnest things you can do with Pokemon.

    Here's two examples of mine, if you want some:
    On HeartGold I've built a team of some Pokemon I've dreamed of using but finally am (bred eggs on a different game and traded over) - Crawdaunt, Octillery, Drifblim, Donphan, Venomoth, and Breloom. And they are WONDERFUL.
    Crawdaunt, Venomoth, and Breloom all suffered from their generation's attack/special divvy and move pools. Their types didn't match their attack/special stat (Water/Dark is special while Crawdaunt has only a high Attack stat), and their movepools generally sucked (Venomoth's only decent ones being Sludge Bomb, Silver Wind, and Psychic, the last not being a STAB and the former two relying on it's pathetic Attack stat). Gen 4 fixed all of that and now they're forces to be reckoned with!
    The other three are good always and I've just never used them. (Everyone, try Octillery at least once in your lives. It's movepool and base Attack and Sp. Attack stats of 105 each make it AMAZING. YES.)

    Second example was on a LeafGreen rom - with lots of cheating (I've never cheated before so much, it was fun) I made a team of Zapdos (I usually say no legendaries, but it really doesn't match up to most of them these days), Omastar, Kangaskhan, Magmar/Hypno, Hitmonlee, and Venasaur (I was always a Bulbasaur kid, and I needed a grass Pokemon). Incredibly fun team.

    And I know that if there's a MegaJynx and a MegaCloyster in Gen 6 that fixes their stats, I will USE THEM (doubt it though sob).

    But seriously, do it. It's my favorite thing to do in Pokemon now, use all of them.

    This one I just heard about - Egglockes.
    Basically you get people online to trade you 12 random eggs, and you hatch them and see what you have - that's all the Pokemon you have for the game. It follows the Nuzlocke rule of Faint=Death, so it could force you to use Pokemon you've never used. I want to try this someday. Only really works on Gen 5 though, maybe 4, and will work on 6. Doing it yourself or making your friend do it with a previous gen is too predictable.

    And hey, looking around I found two more I want to try some time! I should have done this sooner.
    Monotype and Monocolor challenges!
    The first is like a Gym Leader thing - only one type allowed. The second sounds fun, you can only have Pokemon of one color. XD

    My friend has also done a Wedlocke and told me to try it, where you apply Nuzlocke rules but Pokemon are locked by gender and must always be in a pair. Like you start with a male Torchic, you have to catch a female whatever next and that's a pair that must always battle together. Then continue catching and pairing. Sounds funny but hard.

    Any other challenged people indulge in? I'd love to try more, or even hear about silly ones or your own experiences!
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    Red Nuzlocke (the original GB one) was one of the most heartcrushing experiences I've done playing a videogame.
    It was kinda a blind run as it was like five years the last time I played and I remembered almost nothing.

    Rules: only first pokémon of each area can be taken, if faints it's death and immediate release and nickname everybody.

    Losing Charmeleon (Mr. Fuego) the level before Charizard because an unlucky critical Psico-beam from a random trainer was extremely sad (big no included).
    And he wasn't the only one. A lot of good pals died.
    Long story short it all ended with the first pokémon of the ice lady of the elite four.

    It was an extremely awesome experience, anyway. I recomend to try it it to everybody.
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    I'm really impressed you actually stuck with it! I always cheat and fail at it in the end because I refuse to let my high level Pokemon go to waste, but I ruin the experience. Kudos to you on that!

    My Black Nuzlocke (Tranquill was recently killed by Cheren's Dewott, sob) is on hold because of Y. DX I know I want to do a 6th Gen Nuzlocke at some point, it would be amazingly fun and maybe more easy because of the variety of Pokemon and all the features. Will definitely do that after a few playthroughs.

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