Question about VOICE-MITH voicebanks ( Xia Yu Yao, JOAN, & OSCAR )


Momo's Minion
So, I'm trying to get a better sense of how Chinese voicebanks work, and I've been toying with a lot of CV, CVVChinese, and of course the VOICE-MITH banks. I feel like I'm generally pretty well-learned on the topic now, but there's a particular trait of the VOICE-MITH voicebanks that I'm not really sure of. In the VOICE-MITH voicebanks, I notice that there are samples with a "+" at the end ( so like [kan+] for example ). They're configured in such a way that they include the entire CV sample, as well as the tail end of it, which is rather atypical for UTAU, seeing as it doesn't always play the whole sample. I tried reading the manual, but the translation was pretty unclear. I got the impression that it's supposed to be used at the end of a phrase, preceding an "R", but if that's the case, I don't really understand their intended use beyond acting as an alternative to the already existing "V R" type notes, especially since, again, UTAU doesn't always play the full sample if the note is too short. Is there anybody who knows Chinese or is familiar enough with how the banks work to clarify the usage of these types of samples?

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