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Under the FILE menu, choose to “Render to AVI file(V)”.

LearnMMD has pretty much everything you need to know. When it doubt, check it out.
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My settings:
  1. View --> Screen size --> 1920x1080
  2. File --> Render to avi
    1. Frame rate--> 60fps
    2. Recording 0 --> final
    3. Video compressor: UtVideo YUV420 BT709 DMO
      1. Setting: same as # y "Predict median"
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Thanks guys, I don't have mmd models for my utaus but I wanted to know for future reference cause I'm currently working on a SynthV cover of Otome Dissection with Genbu and wanted to do an MMD Video for it on youtube.

And sometime in the future after figuring out official character designs for my utaus make MMD Models.