Resampler Patcher Not Rendering wav. Files


Momo's Minion
I recently downloaded the "Resampler Patcher" by nmasao and I'm pretty sure I installed everything right. I went to the original link in his video to download the patcher, I added all of the samplers I used in the "resampler_setup" app, I went to C:/ProgramData/UTAU Plugin/resampler wrapper to add Moresampler to engine.ini, and I moved the "engine_selector plugin" to the premade Plugins folder in UTAU. When I use a UST, I check the "Project Properties" to make sure the newly patched resamplers are used. Not "resampler patcher" itself and not the original ones that are moved to the newly created "Resampler" folder.

I can render the chosen notes I select and UTAU will play back those notes to me the first time. However, when I select those same notes again, it will give me an error window that says, "failed to generate a wav file. Please check the settings." It will work fine only one time if I directly change the resampler from the "Project Properties," the "engine changer" plugin, I change the voicebank, or if I fit the voicebank to the UST. But it still gives the same error window every second time.


Momo's Minion
This happens to me too. Typically I just reset the P1/P4 / P2/P3 and ACPT and it'll work again. I have to do it every time I want to play the track, though

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