Sakurane Rina JPN CVVC

Sakurane Rina JPN CVVC v1.1


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Sakurane Rina JPN CVVC - CVVC Japanese with English extras

CVVC with rentan [- CV][CV] configurations
Romaji and kana aliases
Vowel-vowel samples
Standalone consonants [C][C -]
Extra vowels
@ (schwa)
Extra consonants
ng ガギグゲゴ
ts つぁつぃつつぇつぉ
dz づぁづぃづづぇづぉ
f ふぁふぃふふぇふぉ (Japanese F)
ff ファフィフフェフォ (English F)
l ラリルレロ
rr (English R)
v ヴぁヴィヴヴぇヴぉ
th (voiceless)
dh (voiced)

1 pitch: D4
Tone: Medium-strong
Genre: Pop

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