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Defender of Defoko

General Information​

Like a lot of us, I could use some of them cash monies while I'm between jobs, so I figured I'd open up commissions again. I'm a full time student with generally a lot of IRL responsibilities, but I try to keep my turnaround time within two months. If you have a deadline, we can discuss it.

Slots will reopen as I complete them. May add more if commissions received aren't very complicated.

If interested, shoot me a DM, reply to this thread, or send me an email.

OTO Commissions​

Slot 1. [open]
Slot 2. [open]
Slot 3. [open]

Pay Rate of $0.02 (USD) per Line of OTO

General Estimations:
Japanese CV - around $2.50
Japanese CVVC - around $10.00
Japanese VCV - around $20.00
English CVVC/VCCV - around $65.00
English Arpasing - around $50.00
French Petit Mot - around $10.00
French Gros Mot - around $80.00

Exact cost is determined on a per-voicebank basis. I can OTO just about any voicebank language or type.

Discounts (stackable):
Multipitch/multiexpression (where every section uses the same reclist) - 15% off each additional pitch
EX: A 3-pitch JP VCV would be about $54.00.

Using one of my reclists - 10% off total
EX: A voicebank recorded with Efficiency VCV would be about $26.00

Recent Examples of My Work:
Japanese VCV:

English CVVC:

Japanese CV:

Japanese CVVC:

Art Commissions​

Slot 1. [open]
Slot 2. [open]
Slot 3. [open]

Please Note:
  • Currently, I am only taking commissions for single characters with basic backgrounds. No realism/scenes/comics/illustrations. Backgrounds will be transparent (or white if it's a sketch) unless otherwise specified.
  • Please include image references for any requested commission; I can work off of stock photos and dollmakers/picrews, I just need some kind of visual.
  • Additionally, please include any other details you would like, such as pose, expression, props, etc.
  • Complicated character designs may be simplified to suit the art style, especially for chibis. Be sure to specify any details you want preserved.
  • Once started, I will send you a rough sketch for approval before continuing the commission.

Full Body - $60.00
Sonic Adventure* - $75.00
* Furries/mobians only, but I will draw human characters as furries

Chibi - $40.00
Icon - $40.00

Clean Sketch - $10.00

morana single.png

For more examples of my work, see my portfolio.​

Will Draw
  • Humans, furries, robots, monsters, whatever
  • Basically any fictional character
  • You or your friends
  • Suggestive/nudity
  • Mild/cartoon violence
Won't Draw
  • Celebrities or other real people you don't know personally
  • Porn/fetish art
  • Excessive violence/realistic gore
  • Hurtful or offensive imagry

Terms of Service​

By purchasing a commission, you agree to these terms.

  • Commissions under $100.00 must be paid in full before the commission has been started.
  • Commissions over $100.00 require half-payment up front (or more) and full payment upon completion.
  • Payment is accepted through Paypal; I will send you an invoice.
  • If the commission is canceled on the artist/otoer's request, a full refund will be given to the client.
  • If the commission is canceled on the client's request before it has been started, a full refund will be given.
  • Otherwise, commissions are nonrefundable. If there are extenuating circumstances, contact me.
Copyright (visual art only)
  • The artist maintains ownership and the right to use any commissioned image for any purpose.
  • The client is free to use any image they have commissioned for any noncommerical purpose. Credit to Salem Wasteland is required for public posting.
  • For commercial usage, contact me and we can discuss purchase of copyright.
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