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    scandalous songs

    ah scandalous songs, although i guess you can still consider me a noob i am No pro at Utau

    i may not be able to make great voicebanks as of now i don't even have a proper or functional mic sometimes i don't even use it as it is dysfunctional,
    but i am a Brilliant song writer or lyricist,and writer in general
    but my discussion is scandalous songs
    words include :Docile, Scandalous,dishonorable,fondles,caress,grope,maul,tenderness,melancholy,tragedy,heartwretching,death,etc..

    i plan to make a Album
    and use at least 5 different UTAU,
    what would be a good name for this album?

    first song is going to be about 2 people a boy who agrees to take a pill to rid his memories when he wakes and his friend?/lover? who is in tears

    second song is more grim as it is about a boy whose family becomes deceased, he is left in a very dire state, but he is being watched by someone or something, that presents itself as a simple local merchant who listens to his problems and cries, but soon he is taken out and about to die the merchant takes him and saves his life momentarily, but asks him a very Grim question that leads to a inevitable Deal and decisions which renders him Docile, and presumably dead or lead to a much grim macabre, agony drenched fate/doom which strips him of his innocence ,

    song 3 is a bit lighter it's about a love triangle to rivals who fall in love over the same man and that man is not the man they think he is he isn't even the same human being they're blinded by there sins and greed and devious deeds that they become completely blind to the distortions that is going on in reality, and don't listen to a certain young man's warnings, and both girls become imprisoned in limbo,awaiting a decision that is forsaken, the two's journey isn't over and continues in song 6

    anyone comments or suggestions or discussion i'm interested in hearing feedback and critiques, advice and comments prior to this or how i can make it better
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    very scandalous songs indeed
    maybe you should call this album...

    the tender melancholy of dishonourable tragedy

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