Service Interruption - Increased Bot & SPAM Activity

Sorry for the recent service interruption. We went a bit above our resource limit this month due to an unusually high number of bots scraping the site. I have reset the limits early this month, the message should be gone though some people may still get the "account suspended" message may need to clear their browser cache.

Beyond just the increased bots scraping the number of automated registrations and SPAM being submitted to the site has increased by tenfold, with more things getting caught in our moderation queue in the last 2 weeks, than the rest of the year to date. Due to this registration has been temporarily set to manual approval and new account creation may be impacted as all new registrations temporarily require manual admin approval.

Thank you all for your patience, if you experience any problems feel free to contact the staff, here on the forum, or on discord. If anything is time sensitive and requires my direct attention, as always feel free to DM me or tag me on Twitter as that seems to be the only app that reliably does push notifications on my phone.