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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by Sors, Mar 16, 2018.

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    Okay so since I could use a little money, I decided to open up comissions for japanese CV, CVVC and VCV. The price will be 1 cent per line, but you can pay with art too, which will depend on the number of oto lines. I will only accept Payment in Euro (€), not in any other currency. This means if there are 1000 Oto lines, the price will be 10 Euro, not 10 Dollars. Please make sure to convert the price properly.

    Examples and Details:

    CV - I will do CV for free up to 3 Pitches or Voicebanks. 4 Pitches/VBs and above and payment as usual is involved. I will do discounts for multipitch, with a 5% discount at 5 Pitches.

    CV Examples will be added later, as there are only outdated ones.

    CVVC - One cent per line. I can add final consonants if you desire it. Hiragana only for the CVs. For this you will have to provide me with a base oto for at least aliases, as every CVVC Reclist is different. There will be a 5% discount for every 3rd Pitch. (I.e. 6 Pitches 10%, 9 Pitches 15%, etc.)

    CVVC Example:

    VCV: One cent per line. Can add VCs and Final Consonants if desired. Hirgana file names are heavily preferred, for romaji make sure to use a reclist using - or _ to seperate mora. The same discount rule that applies to CVVC is applied here too. 5% off every 3rd Pitch.

    VCV Example:

    I will also accept Art for otos, which have their own prices:
    1-499 Lines: Lineart or Sketch
    500-999 Lines: Basic Portrait, simple coloring and/or shading
    1000-1499 Lines: Full Portrait, full colour and shading
    1500-1999 Lines: Bust Up
    2000-2499 Lines: Full Body
    2500-2999 Lines: Full Body+Background
    3000 and above will be discussed further in PM.

    If you wish to comission me, send me a pm and we'll discuss further details.
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    Don’t have any banks to torture you with yet but imma just draw a picture for when I do =w=

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