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    Hello everyone, i'm Sour, an artist and web designer.
    I've decided to open art & CSS commission.
    Please PM me here or Sour.sirsak#2647 if you are interested in commissioning me^^

    - I use PayPal with USD
    - 50-50 payment with invoice method

    *click example(s) to see full/bigger ver.

    - Static icon : 12 USD
    - Blinking icon: 15 USD


    - Fullbody : 25 USD


    Headshot : 40 USD
    Bust : 60 USD
    Fullbody : 80 USD

    Responsiveness feature
    I'll code your website layout to look nice in any screen size with CSS.
    Please note that i will need access into your site to check and make changes.


    40 USD : Base code + responsiveness code for 4 pages.
    Price for additional pages will be discussed.

    (Actually, i can also make PV or web-design, but since they take a long time i decided to open art & Resp. codes commish atm.)
    If you are interested to see more of my work, please visit my art thread

    Looking forward to work with you guys!
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