Multi-Synth SynthV trials' list


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For further details on these "trial" versions:

Kotonoha Akane and Aoi
One unified voice database. Put simply their only difference as VOICEROID vocals was dialect, so they share a voice database.
Available pitch group: C#4, notified as Cs4. Their full voice database has G#3, C#4, F#4 and C5 (Falsetto).

This is the same database as her Web Synthesizer V version, but has the Synthesizer V Studio UI.
Available pitch group: C4. Her full voice database has G#3, C4, F4 and B4 (Falsetto).

When you first load these web versions the interface will be in Japanese. If you click the cog it will open a settings panel and the top option is Interface Language. From what I can tell it has the same capabilities as Synthesizer V Studio Basic, except limited to one track and you can only save projects, not render the vocals. Very good for a "try before you buy" approach.