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    Uh, I had no idea where to post this.

    Basically, I came up with the name "SyrilVox" once when I was trying to come up with a new set of skype name+icon. And it sounded cool, so at first I was going to make it the name of an UTAU group or UTAU series. But I've already done the voices for a lot of other UTAU and it'll probably end up the same way that the LP series did. So I decided that it could be a podcast.

    The basic plot is that a girl named Syril is talking about her life, as she's going through school and growing up. A lot more goes on but I find it important that nothing is spoiled for this. I still need people to help me write the script and refine the plot, and maybe have occasional appearances in the actual podcast itself.

    If you're good at writing and would like to join, you just need to say who you are and what kind of writing you're good at. If you only want in to be a voice actor, eventually we'll see how many characters we need and then I can take voices.

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