Tei Sukone VCV and CVVC not playing? Help?

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So I've tried many times to download a VCV or CVVC voicebank for Tei, as she's my favorite, and I've been trying to make an Engrish cover with her. Obviously, the choppier voicebank I already have for her won't work well for this (and yes, it has to be Tei doing the cover, it fits her too well).
However, no matter what voicebank I download, it won't play any sound when I input notes. I've tried hiragana and romaji...I don't have this problem with her CV voicebank. The .wav files included with her are all named weird, like "Ç—Ç„" although other voice banks that I have like Yokune Ruko Fem 2.0.0 and my regular Scottei ver 3 have similar filenames. I've had the same problem trying to download Ritsu KIRE. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm relatively new to the world of UTAU, so I'm a bit unsure about some things.


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Have you changed your locale? If not, you need to do that and then redownload all voicebanks and UTAU itself.

Could you please screencap the vb folder with her wav files, as well as a UST loaded with her as the singer in UTAU?

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Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.31.20 PM.png
The voicebank folder, as downloaded from usamimi (where I got the first Tei VB as well) Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.31.31 PM.png
Some of the wav files in her VB
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.32.49 PM.pngThe faulty Tei voicebank loaded into UTAU-Synth, with a UST loaded (a WIP cover for one of my other singers, probably Teto)
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.26.49 PM.png
The original voicebank, which has no problem other than sounding choppy. I have no idea why she works, but I downloaded her back in August or September of 2019...
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.28.38 PM.png
And her files for comparison.

The Momone Soft VB I downloaded today has a similar problem. I tried them in both the Japanese version and English patch of UTAU-Synth, and neither would sing a single note!!!!!


I downloaded her back in August or September of 2019...
EDIT: I think I actually got her in July, as she, Mako, and Teto were the first three voicebanks I downloaded besides Defoko, and my first cover dates back to July 18. So it was probably around then I got her.


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Oh, I see what's going on! Since you're on a Mac and you can't change the locale, her VB turns into gibberish! What you'll want to do is delete and then re-download her banks and any other banks with this issue and extract them with the Unarchiver for Mac!

Also, UTAU-Synth lacks some important features such as plugins and resmaplers, I recommend taking a look at @Kiyoteru 's tutorial for installing Windows UTAU on Mac!! (I highly recommend using moresampler with Tei; it makes her voice quality much better than the other resamplers. ^^)

If you need help with Engrish, feel free to hit me up! I'm a bit of an Engrish geek. (Tip: Tei has samples in her 3.1.1 for "v's" like "va", "vi", "vu", "ve", "vo".)

(Oh, and if you end up switching to windows UTAU, you'll want to make sure to convert the UST to VCV! I recommend using IroIro. Here's a tutorial for putting it in English: https://utaforum.net/resources/bizzs-utau-plugins.129/)
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Ohhh, thank you so much! I will do that! Then hopefully I can make all my UTAUs sing in Engrish~ (someone stop me before I recreate the entire Heathers soundtrack, lol)
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