【Teo Vampa Arpasing】When I Come Around (Green Day)【UTAU】

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    I'm sorry if the effect on this video looks horrible, but my PC lagged so much with it and I couldn't check any possible errors on it. It also took me 4 hours to render and I'm just pissed off and don't want to take it a century just to re-render it again.

    By the way! This is gonna be a new english voicebank for Teo Vampa, using Arpasing!
    The recorded pitches are B2, E3, A3 and D4 for now. I'm planning to add a higher pitch, a falsetto and maybe a soft pitch.
    The voicebank contains a lot of duplicates in the oto which I'm unsure whether to delete them or not, because they can be really useful when a pronunciation is wrong, but they're really A LOT.
    I hope you like the cover :smile:

    original by green day
    everything else by yours truly​

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