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So disclaimer: I am extremely new to this system, my apologies for any stupid questions. Also I'm on Windows 7, so be aware of that.

Anyway, I installed UTAU (with Japanese locale and all that) and seem to be able to get Defoko to work. So I thought I'd try installing some new voicebanks, and who better to start with than Teto? So I downloaded the English, Rikimitan, Sakebi and Tandoku banks. Unfortunately, I can't get the damn thing to work, at all.

I've tried the "drag and drop the .zip files into UTAU" installation method, which adds her as an option...but the "sample" button makes a Windows error noise, and regardless of whether I input lyrics in hiragana, katakana or romaji she just won't make a peep. I tried extracting the archives into folders in the voice folder and selecting the note folders manually, but whilst this enabled the sample button to work, it also seemed to make the UTAU info screen go blank and she still won't sing.

Am I being incredibly stupid, or is there a problem with my installation? I got everything from the official websites FWIW.



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Since you're new to UTAU, do you know the distinctions between different voicebank types?
Teto's Sakebi voicebank is VCV. VCV stands for Vowel Consonant Vowel.
How it works is it takes the vowel of the preceding note and blends it, getting a smooth sound.

To use a VCV voicebank, you have to enter notes like this:

Check the oto file (Tools > Voice Bank Settings) when in doubt. Anything that you see written in the Alias column is a valid lyric entry you can put into a note.
If you don't have it already, I'd definitely get Teto's English Helper plugin (here's a demonstration/tutorial on how to use it) and Iroiro2. Extract the zip files and place them into your plugin folder inside the UTAU folder. Make sure each plugin is only one folder deep or else they won't show up in the plugin menu! Note the path structure in the screencap below.
Iroiro is good for converting CV USTs to VCV ones. It's very important that the UST type matches the voicebank type, otherwise no sound will play.
Here is a video that further explains the difference between CV and VCV. The lyric diphonizer plugin mentioned isn't necessary, as Iroiro fills that function.
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