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    Hi everyone!
    I mix and do mastering for you covers.

    Timing (up to 2 voicebanks): I will do the timing so you can mix it by youself! (1€)
    Mixing (up to 2 voicebanks): I will apply desired voice effects on your vocal track according to your instructions or according to the original song. (3€)
    Mastering: I will do mastering according to genre of the song. (2€) (price is not affected by voicebank number)
    Every extra voicebanks is +1€ on the actual price (mastering is not affected by this.)
    Example: mixing 4 voicebanks = 2 + 1 + 1 = 4€

    BONUS! Timing+mixing+mastering (30% off!): only 4,20€! (+1€ for every extra voicebank.)

    Max monthly slots: 9
    (9 free!) (I will update this often.)

    No negotiations. All prices are final.

    Payments PayPal only! Euros only! (you can exchange currencies on PayPal.)
    No refunds!
    Pay before I begin working for you!

    Message me for more infos!

    Mixing samples (SoundCloud):
    Mixing samples (YouTube):

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