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Utane Uta
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Toka Aki CV VB Shinka release

UTAU Toka Aki's new voicebank "Shinka" is got released.
This voicebank is a simple but classic CV VB style voicebank.

"Shinka" is the name of voicebank version (not the character, the character is "Toka Aki"). Usually, "shinka" is written as 進化 meaning "evolution"
but in this case, it's written as 心歌 meaning literally "hearth song". I wanted to name this VB as "Shinka" because of a tone of voice but also because
I felt like "I've improved" the first time for years.

The voicebank sounds very natural as CV because it was recorded in a real human singing style-like tone and pronunciation.
The sound configurations (oto.ini) are made in a way that not only it's smooth and natural but is able to sing both Hiragana and Romaji USTs with no problem.

I personally, the creator of Aki, recommended this voicebank for new UTAU users.
For song genres, I recommend something calm and melancholy melodies like "Hirari Hirari" or "Baloney Speaker" right down below:

I hope that people enjoy and like using this voicebank!

by Pupuomena

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