Two UTAUs made with only one voice bank/recording?


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I know that Rin and Len are both voiced by the same person but they sound different, is there any way to make UTAUs like that? Like having me just record one voice bank or whatever and having it make two UTAULoids?


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you could use the gender flag; some people use (iirc) g+15 on kasane teto to make kasane ted


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To be clear, Rin and Len are voiced by the same person, yes, but they don't use the same recordings. The voice actor recorded twice using two different voice tones. So you could do it this way. Doing it this way would be more likely to make the two characters sound truly different from each other, but you'd have to be able to change your voice enough to make it sound like different characters. Unless you just want two characters with similar voices which is also an option.

Otherwise, like already stated, you could use flags to change the voice tone. No matter what you do its going to sound in some capacity similar to the original recording, in particular the pronunciation will always stay largely the same, but its not unheard of for a particular flag configuration of a VB to be used for a separate character (or a genderbend)


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I remember Leeds and Loop Kasumiga being one voicebank, with the normal tone being Loop and the higher tone being Leeds.