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Hello guys! I have a little project called UTAU Against Humanity, a Cardcast deck dedicated to the UTAU community! Now you can have all of your injokes in a politically incorrect game!

Here is the deck.

Now here's how to use it with Pretend You're Xyzzy:
  1. Find the Cardcast deck code in the upper right hand corner of the deck's page.
  2. Copy that code
  3. When setting up your game, type into the chatbox /addcardcast #####, where "#####" is the code for the deck(889U7)
  4. Send the message and then it is added. Congrats!
Please note that the deck is an ongoing project, so I will be adding new cards over time. At this time of writing, the deck can only accommodate six players. I will update this number as more cards are added.

Happy playing! Please give me feedback and suggestions!
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I got a glimpse of the deck, but holy... One moment while I go hide because on that one card OTL
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Wow, I've always wondered what it would be like to play Cards Against Humanity with UTAU cards. Nice.
I'm pretty sure Avalia has a deck as well, but I forget where to find it. It would be fun to use both~

I got a glimpse of the deck, but holy... One moment while I go hide because on that one card OTL
*evil laughter*


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  • I'm releasing my UTAU's ___ append!
  • ___ was on purpose! It adds Originality!
  • If your UTAU is ____, They're a marysue
  • This UTAU is becoming a vocaloid, because they are___!
  • You didn't use my UTAU right! What you are supposed to do is ____!
  • Teto is the best because she is ____!
  • the fastest way to become popular is ______

  • The X Flag
  • Convincing your parents to record an utau
  • Furloids
  • Doing the Fukkireta until you break your neck
  • Creating 10 UTAUs that all sound the same
  • Not changing you locale because you like the pretty shapes
  • Shipping your UTAU with Hatsune Miku
  • Using Google translate for your song's lyrics
  • An UTAU/Vocaloid duet
  • A Kasane Teto Love Pillow
  • Arguing over Ritsu's gender
  • Bread
  • Breaking the re-sampler
  • A design so good, yet voice so bad
  • Paying people to use your UTAU
  • Starting a petition to make your UTAU a vocaloid
  • Twin UTAUs
  • An UTAU so shonen, it hurts
  • An UTAU so shoujo, it hurts
  • Another goddamn underage UTAU
  • An UTAU actually older than 25
  • Making every single one of your UTAU ships sing magnet
  • A cross dressing UTAU
  • Ignoring the untranslated words the English patch missed, hoping there not important
  • Mixing the vocals with cat meows to validate your UTAUs neko ears
  • An UTAU without a design
  • A google translate UTAU
  • Spending days editing the vocals of your favourite celebrity to create an UTAU
  • UTAUs without a voice
  • Fan-made Vocaloids Who don't know about UTAU
  • An animal UTAU with a Human Voice
  • An UTAU whose bank consists of a single word
  • Not knowing how to use a VCV UTAU
  • Trying to create an append nobody has thought of yet
  • Have more than a gigabyte of voicebanks on your computer
  • Over-using breath sounds until it sounds sexual
  • An UTAU with facial hair
  • An inanimate object UTAU
  • Making your UTAU's voicebank empty as an "Artistic statement"
  • Creating a new language for your UTAU
  • Trying to develop a new recording style better than VCV
  • A Rock-band USB Microphone
  • Your family yelling at eachother in the background of your recording
  • Pitch-bends that go up and down whole octaves
  • Making Tree sound good
  • Falling for Vipperloids April Fools day pranks
  • Uploading your voice onto the internet for strangers to use however they want
  • Trying to program your own version of UTAU, but BETTER
  • Being really good at impressions, and recording your own version of Hatsune Miku
  • Sneaking a microphone into your neighbors house for an UTAU
  • Eating a sandwich while recording
  • Trying to convince your friend to record an UTAU
  • That feeling you get when somebody uses your UTAU
  • An UTAU so auto-tuned it hurts
  • Audacity
  • A Built-in Laptop Microphone
  • Upping the Consonant Velocity to 500
  • An UTAU that looks like a joke, but has a good voice
  • Having the only UTAU that speaks a certain language
  • Getting your UTAU blacklisted
  • Engrish so bad it just sounds like Japanese
  • Giving your UTAU a twelve chapter back-story
  • Shipping Your UTAU with Len/Kaito/Gakupo
  • Having dreams about Teto Giving you bread
  • An UTAU version of a pop song, that is better in every single way
  • Using the untranslated Japanese version of UTAU
  • Having no idea how to pitch bend
  • Creating a card game about UTAU
  • Forcing your UTAU's Character Item down every bodies throats
  • A duet with Namine Ritsu
  • A 69 UTAU chorus
  • Sekushi Beikon
  • The voice provider singing worse than the UTAU

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